Members of Afghan advisory group rally against family violence

01-Feb-2012 Five members of an Afghan Advisory Group auspiced by the Foundation House Dandenong office have joined the fight against family violence by becoming ambassadors for White Ribbon Day.

White Ribbon Day, which takes place on November 25th each year, is an annual campaign that aims to change and attitudes and behaviours that lead to men’s violence against women. The White Ribbon organisation also aims to eliminate family violence through primary prevention initiatives.

The Afghan men underwent family violence training with Women’s Health in the South East and will now spread the anti-violence message on Afghan community radio and as ambassadors for White Ribbon Day.

Ambassador Matiullah Bakhtani says that all families in Australia needed to hear the anti-violence message, but coming from a different cultural background meant the Greater Dandenong Afghan community needed information in their own language.

Fellow ambassador Seyyed Samedi says peer-to-peer education was a highly effective way to relay the White Ribbon message.

Foundation House Family Strengthening Coordinator, Donna Chesters, says peer education would effect more changes in the community. “People learn best about family relationships from people in their community. This is just the beginning, not just for these men, but for these women. They’re going to go to their community and start talking about this.”

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